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How ist the RMV-HandyTicket billed?

The "direct debit" is not available?

How do I get an invoice for my RMV-HandyTickets?

How do I get a receipt for taxes or for my employer?

Is it possible to get a refund or cancel a ticket?

How is the RMV-HandyTicket billed?
The payment method you specified when registering for the RMV-HandyTicket will be used. Billing takes place immediately on the first ticket purchased. After the first ticket has been purchased, billing will take place when reaching the revenue threshold of EUR 50, - or, if this threshold is not reached, as a monthly charge.
Customers can use as methods of payment the purchase via girogo or purchase via mobile phone bill or repaid phone card methods without the need for an active login into the RMV-App.Nach oben

The „direct debit" is not available?
The RMV cooperates with the service provider infoscore (infoscore Consumer Data GmbH ICD), Rheinstraße 99, 76532 Baden-Baden, www.infoscore.de) when verifying bank accounts. If infoscore recommends not to use direct debit for billing as a result of the bank data verification, the remaining payment options are to pay via credit card, by mobile phone bill/prepaid phone card or via girogo.

How do I get an invoice for my RMV-HandyTickets?
The monthly charges can be viewed after logging in at www.rmv.de under MeinRMV > RMV-HandyTicket > HandyTicket Purchases > Invoices. The invoices remain on our server for 18 months and are then automatically deleted.
Since the invoices are created as PDF files, you can store them on an external medium.Nach oben

How do I get a receipt for tax purposes or for my employer?
After logging in at www.rmv.de go to MeinRMV > RMV-HandyTicket > HandyTicket Purchases > Purchased tickets, where you can create summarized receipts.
Alternatively, you can requests a single receipt for each ticket in the RMV-App. Just go to the “Tickets” section the arrow symbol "Arrow" and click on "Send receipt via e-mail”.Nach oben

Is it possible to get a refund or cancel a ticket?
When using the "Buy ticket now" button in the RMV-HandyTicket, the purchase process is a binding transaction. A cancellation and refund, that is not apparent from a system error on our part, is therefore excluded when using the RMV-HandyTicket.Nach oben

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