Mobile in Mainz and the surrounding areas

The rented bicycle allows you to be mobile in Mainz and the surrounding areas at any time of the day and night - spontaneously and irrespective of schedules.

Rent bikes at more than 120 stations

There are currently more than 1000 bikes available at more than 120 stations in Mainz, Budenheim, Mainz-Kostheim and Mainz-Kastel.

Survey over the MVGmeinRad stations

Access with the eTicket

Accessing the hire bicycles is quick and easy with the eTicket RheinMain smartcard (Service only available for bicycles parked at fixed stations).  If you would like to make use of this additional function, first register online then install the software onto your eTicket at the RMV Mobility Advice service at the Mainz Travel Centre. At the same time, your customer account at the MVGmeinRad customer portal will be activated and you will be able to manage your data online.

Here you can download the MVGmeinRad-App:

MVGmeinRad-App for iPhone

MVGmeinRad-App for Android