scouter Carsharing

scouter is a carsharing provider in Marburg and Gießen and also offers its customers the option of using vehicles from DB Flinkster-network as well.

Here you can download the scouter-App:

scouter-App for iPhones

scouter-App for Android

Stations and vehicles

75 vehicles can be rented at 34 locations in the northern RMV area.

Attractive offer

For holders of the eTicket RheinMain the registration is for free and the get 50 km travel credit for the first three mounth (incl. benzine). Afterwards holders of the RMV subscription only have to pay a discounted basic fee of 2 € (instead of 5 €).

Registration, booking and reservation

If you are interested in this additional option, simply register at the scouter homepage or at a scouter spot.


You can book and reserve carsharing vehicles quickly and easily by phoning the booking hotline or online on your home PC via scouter.de.