stadtmobil Rhein-Main

stadtmobil Rhein-Main is one of the leading carsharing provider within the region.

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Stations and vehicles

With the RheinMain eTicket, you have 175 carsharing vehicles at your disposal at 90 stations in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hofheim, Bad Vilbel, Alsfeld and Friedberg at particularly favourable rates.

Attractive Offer

Using your eTicket to access the stadtmobil service will give you another financial benefit: the one-off stadtmobil registration fee is reduced to € 25. And it also contains travel credit of € 10.

Registration, booking and reservation

If you would like make use of this additional function, just take your eTicket, passport and driving licence to the Frankfurt Hauptwache Mobility Centre, Hofheim Mobility Centre, Offenbach Mobility Centre or to the office of stadtmobil Rhein-Main at Frankfurt Central Station and register.

You can book and reserve carsharing vehicles quickly and easily online on your home PC at rhein-main.stadtmobil.de, by phoning the bookings hotline or via the RMV-HandyPortal using a smartphone.

Then all you have to do is hold up the eTicket to the car windscreen, jump in and drive away.